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And a global law firm requests to come aboard…

Posted by on January 9, 2012

One of my better choices in life has been never to burn an employment bridge. I’ve remained close with every employer I’ve had (save a summer internship) since my freshman year of college, not with a goal of benefiting but just because that’s how I choose to live. Recently an old boss from 15 years ago set up lunch with a person who he thought I could help in some way, even if he wasn’t sure how. After a few hours of meetings and conversation, we bonded and now I have a new client and friend, Esther Roberts Bell. I loved working on her logo to get it just right, present knock-her-socks-off stationery/business card/identity complement, and even introduce her to some colleagues to help her set up her office. I love the website we did for her; check it out here.

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